Photo of Series E655
Series E655 was displayed into garage in the Oku Rolling Stock Center.

Photo of KURO E654-101(クロE654-101) head
KURO E654-101(クロE654-101) head.

Photo of Series E655 LED destination sign
Series E655 LED destination sign.

Photo of TR261 bogie
KURO E654-101(クロE654-101) TR261 bogie.

Photo of DT76 bogie
MORO E654-101(モロE654-101) DT76 bogie.

Photo of Series E655 passenger door
Series E655 passenger door.

Photo of Series E655 fixed type
Series E655 coupler fixed type.

Photo of Series E655 split type
Series E655 coupler split type, for E655-1.

Photo of
KUMORO E654-101(クモロE654-101) head.

Photo of KUMOROE654-101(クモロE654-101) front head
KUMOROE654-101(クモロE654-101) front head.

Photo of Series E655 front coupler
Series E655 head coupler.

Photo of Series E655 head coupler from front
Series E655 head coupler from front.

Photo Date:15/Nov/2014
Posted Date:18/Oct/2015