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Rail Model Track Calc

Calc for railroad model layout

For railway model layouts.
This is the first app I developed. Aug 2020 released.
Compatible with iOS15.4 or later. Free. Android version undecided.

Currently, all the functions of this app are in abcde Rail Model Calc .

This is an application that can calculate the horizontal and vertical lengths when laying out the railroad model tracks diagonally.
For example, when a straight track is laid out after laying a curved track(e.g. 45° angle).
Or straight tracks after laying out railroad points (e.g. 15°) etc.
If you lay out the track diagonally like this,
It is necessary to know the horizontal and vertical dimensions in order to combine other tracks to create a layout.
But, it is troublesome to calculate the size.
There is also need to rely on intuition.
So please, use this application.
This application you can easily calculate the dimensions of the track.

How to use
1. Enter a millimeter number for the track length.
2. Select an angle.
3. The Horizontal, Difference, and Vertical, which are the calculation results, are displayed.
Decimal point can be used.

Calculation result
As the calculation result, the horizontal length (angle 0°), horizontal difference, and vertical length are displayed in units of 0.5 mm.
The error of the calculation result is less than 0.5mm.

Click here to download the Rail Model Track Calc

Posted Date:15/Feb/2024