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Numeric Correction Calculator

Easy correct by touching disp

Realized operability to touch the number itself on the numbers display screen.
Please enjoy functions and operability never before seen in a calculator.
May 2023 released.
Compatible with iOS15.4 or later. Free. Android version undecided.

A calculator that can be corrected by touching the displayed number.
It has a round selector and a decimal point selector(4,3,2,1,0.5,0) for decimal point calculation.
With multi-line display, you can calculate while displaying constant (K), grand total (GT), last answer (Ans), and intermediate result value.

Touch the displayed number to correct.
If you want to correct input number or intermediate result, touch the number itself.
Then the number will blink, press the number key to correct it.
Press the DEL key to delete numbers.

Sign Change(+/-)
Touch the left edge to switch between plus and minus (+/-).

Set the round selector to UP, DOWN or 5/4.
Set the decimal point selector to one of 4,3,2,1,0,5,0.
You can round numbers by pressing the = key.
0.5 "rounds" by 0.5.

Detailed results are displayed by touching the down button on the upper left of the screen.
Grand Total(GT)
Calculation's result value, last answer(Ans). Also used for Ans memory calculations.
intermediate result

Decimal point can be set from the setting.
example:"1,234.5", "1.234,5", "1 234,5", "1'234.5" For Digit separator "3"
Digit separator can be set from the setting.
3-digit, 4-digit, First 3 digits then 2nd digits separator(Indian comma)
Numeric color can be set from the setting.

The maximum number of digits is 12 digits.

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Posted Date:15/Feb/2024