Russian Inforrmation  Moscow tour 2011 route map

Photo of Lenin's Mausoleum and Spasskaya Tower
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Posted Date:15/Aug/2013

Russian Inforrmation  Ostankino Television Tower

Photo of Ostankino Television Tower
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Posted Date:6/Nov/2012

Russian Inforrmation  Russian Space Shuttle Buran

Photo of Russian Space Shuttle Buran
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Posted Date:1/Nov/2012
Photo of Peter the Great Statue No.1
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Posted Date:30/Oct/2012

Russian Inforrmation  Moscow river cruising vol.2

Photo of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
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Posted Date:20/Oct/2012

Russian Inforrmation  Moscow river cruising vol.1

Photo of This excursion ship Moscow River has been operated
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Posted Date:13/Oct/2012

Russian Inforrmation  Kremlin vol.5

Photo of The Tsar Cannon had been seen
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Posted Date:9/Oct/2012

Russian Inforrmation  Kremlin vol.4

Photo of Troitskaya Tower
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Posted Date:2/Oct/2012
Photo of Construction during of Russky Island Bridge of 2010 No.1
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Posted Date:12/Sep/2012

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