Photo of SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 gable
Two old passenger cars had been exhibited as waiting rooms.
SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 and SUHAFU(スハフ)-2234.
The above photo is SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 gable.

Photo of SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 side
SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 side.

Photo of SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 another side
SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2173 another side.

Photo of SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2234 gable
SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2234 gable.

Photo of SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2234 side
SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2234 side.

Photo of SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2234 another side
SUHAFU(スハフ)42-2234 another side.

Photo Date:15/Nov/2014
Posted Date:12/Oct/2015