Photo of EL and DL 4
Public display of Oku Rolling Stock Center 2014

Photo of EL and DL 4 no.2
Displayed Locomotive were EF65-501, EF65-1115, DD51-895, EF510-509.

Photo of EF65-501 SAKURA
EF65-501 SAKURA "さくら"

Photo of EF65-1115 FUJI
EF65-1115 FUJI "富士"

Photo of DD51-895 IZUMO
DD51-895 IZUMO "出雲"

Photo of EF510-509 HOKUTOSEI
EF510-509 HOKUTOSEI "北斗星". The HOKUTOSEI head mark of Cassiopeia painting locomotive cannot be mostly seen in the actual train.

Photo of EL and DL 4 no.3
The opposite side was attached on another head mark.

Photo of EF65-501 ASAKAZEの写真
EF65-501 ASAKAZE "あさかぜ"

Photo of EF65-1115 HAYABUSA
EF65-1115 HAYABUSA "はやぶさ"

Photo of DD51-895 ELM
DD51-895 ELM "エルム". The ELM is the extra train.

Photo of EF510-509 CASSIOPEA
EF510-509 CASSIOPEA "カシオペア"

Photo Date:15/Nov/2014
Posted Date:18/Jan/2015