Photo of Novosibirsk station of midnight
About Novosibirsk museum of railway equipment , I would want to write still a lot of about that train,
but at the same I will write the Trans-Siberian Railway riding article.
After visiting the Railway Museum, I went to the Novosibirsk station.The station is beautiful view in the night.

Photo of Novosibirsk station of midnight No.2
Next destination is Irkutsk station. It is a night departure from Novosibirsk Station.
Novosibirsk station's waiting room is a bad security place.
That wating room is apparently almost Russian, and that Russian are no good atmosphere.
But I tired and sit on the bench.
And then, the opposite side Russian said.
Russian said :Please give me tobacco.
I said :I have not tobacco.
Russian said with gesture :Please give me money, because I was taken money in thugs.
I quickly moved to another place.And then on another place...
Mongolian Russian:I have an older brother to Ulan-Ude. Can you carry my luggage to Ulan-Ude?
I said:I don't go to Ulan-Ude.
Mongolian Russian said:Unfortunately...
And I think dangerous, quickly withdraw. Is it courier?

Photo of Train Russia arrived to the Novosibirsk
Train "Russia" arrived Novosibirsk station. train colour is such color.

Photo of Train Russia arrived to the Novosibirsk vol.2
I rode Train "Russia" to the Irkutsk in the midnight.

Photo Date:29/Sep/2011
Posted Date:20/Nov/2014